Code and data

Both NICAM source code and NICAM output data are available for those who are interested. The following information is the entry to this.

If you want to run NICAM or use NICAM data, please submit the form here, or contact one of the NICAM developers, or ask the nicam administrators below.

Standard references of NICAM are Tomita and Satoh (2004), Satoh et al. (2008), Satoh et al.(2014). Please cite NICAM as follows:

  • “NICAM is developed by Tomita and Satoh (2004) and Satoh et al. (2008), and overview of the NICAM researches and the current status of development are described by Satoh et al. (2014).”


  • “… NICAM (Tomita and Satoh 2004; Satoh et al. 2008, 2014)”
  • Do not distribute the NICAM codes to any third party.
  • Please report any bugs you have found.
  • Please give us a feedback on the usability of NICAM so as to improve it.
  • Please let us know the achievements you made with NICAM, so that we can make a list on the NICAM website.
  • When you present or publish the results obtained with NICAM, please cite the publications of NICAM. The relevant publications for the NICAM researches can be found in the codes or on the NICAM website.
  • If a NICAM team member is significantly involved with your project, please acknowledge appropriate members or consider adding him or her as a co-author.
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