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!What is NICAM?
NICAM is a Nonhydrostatic ICosahedral Atmospheric Model (NICAM), used as a Global Cloud Resolving Model (GCRM).
A subkilometer-mesh global simulation is already performed using the K computer by [[Miyamoto et al. (2013)|]]. NICAM is first developed by H.Tomita (JAMSTEC; now at AICS, RIKEN) and M.Satoh (AORI, The Univ. of Tokyo), and is now under development in cooperation with AORI, JAMSTEC, and AICS by the NICAM developers listed at [[here|]]. Introduction papers of NICAM are [[Satoh et al. (2014, PEPS)|]], [[Satoh et al.(2008, J.Comp. Physics)|]], and [[Tomita and Satoh (2004, Fluid Dyn. Res.)|]].

Feb. 15, 2016: NICAM.15 released: See the brief summary[[{{attach_anchor(NICAM.15_changes.pdf)}}]]summary :{{attach_anchor(NICAM.15_changes.pdf)}}

Papers related to NICAM are listed at [[here|]] and also announced by the [[NICAM Facebook {{attach_view(facebook_s.jpg)}}|]].

||Animation of [[Kodama et al. (2015)|]] NICAM 20-year AMIP experiment.(by C. Kodama) ||[[{{attach_view(NICAM-AMIP.jpg)}}|]]
||Tropical cyclones SINLAKU and IKE reproduced by NICAM 7km simulation (00UTC 13 Sep. 2008) (by H.L. Tanaka) ||{{attach_view(cloud_global2008091300.jpg)}}{{attach_anchor(cloud_global2008091300-1280.jpg)}}; {{attach_view(n20080908w.wmv)}}{{attach_anchor(n20080908w.wmv)}}
||An Madden-Julian Oscillation event simulated using a global cloud-resolving model. (Miura et al. 2007; OLR ;  left: MTSAT-1R, right: NICAM 3.5km) ||[[{{attach_view(mjo.jpg)}}|]]
||Aqua Planet Experiment OLR (by H.Tomita)||[[{{attach_view(olr_aqua-planet.jpg)}}|]]

!Experimental Monitoring of Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO)
For MJO research by NICAM, MJO is monitored every day by two types of MJO index. One is the index by Wheeler and Hendon (2004) produced by [[Bureau of Meteorology Research Center (Australia) / An All-season Real-time Multivariate MJO Index|]].
The other is an index defined by projection of the band passed-filtered daily anomaly data of velocity potential at 200-hPa (CHI200) in [[JRA-25/JCDAS|]] produced by [[Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)|]] and [[Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)|]] onto its EOFs. Raw climatology data of CHI200 is made by each daily averaged data from 1 April 1979 to 31 December 2008 and its 60 days low-passed filtered version is used as climatology data. Anomalies dataset of CHI200 from the climatology is bandpass-filtered by 30-90 days.
The principal and second modes of empirical orthogonal function (EOFs) of 30-90 days filtered
CHI200 anomalies data are used to define the cycle of the MJO. Both of the indices are opened in the page of MJO index.